‘Vignettes’ has come about due to my personal interactions with several Bollywood personalities, many of whom subsequently became my friends. My family has had a long-standing relationship of sorts with Bollywood; my father was best friends with the Chopra brothers – BR, Dharam and Yash – albeit closest to Dharam. He has also known several stars such as Rajesh Khanna and Danny Denzongpa (Danny mock threatened me never to call him ‘uncle’!)

Navin Nischol was a schoolmate of my ex husband; Tiger Pataudi’s (Saif’s father) cousin sister was married to my mother’s brother; Shammi aunty, Nimmi and my mum were pals once up a long time ago; Sohrab Modi’s eldest brother was married to my mum’s eldest sister and I have the privilege of having written Mehtab Modi (Sohrab’s wife) last interview ever, a few years before she passed into the hereafter.

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