The Quest

I searched for you

After you left


I went back

To the beaches of Thailand

Where you went down on your knee

And slipped a ring onto my finger

With the sea as witness

You said, wistfully – if only it would rain

I want to feel the heavens on our skin

And the gods obliged

It rained that night

And you held me, contained in our closeness

I wonder how I lost you


I went back

To the beaches of Bali

Where we first avowed love to each other

I walked along the shore

Searching for our footprints

That long-ago man and that woman

That first waking dawn filled with the wonderment of love

The infinite, rolling sea as testament to our promise

People looking at us, struck by the magic

That surrounded us

I wonder how I lost you


The sea, the wind, the rain, the sun

All were witness

The fierce heat of the day

The gentle rain falling

Icy winds blowing

The quiet brilliance of a starlit night sky

The desert, the mountain, the beach, the city

Silence, noise, agony, ecstasy, angst, serenity

All knew, all saw

Can nobody tell me where to find you

I wonder how I lost you


How did I lose you

Did you run out of love

Did you grow weary along the way

Did you want something different suddenly

You said you were so lucky

To have me in your life

Where do I find the answers, you

Could you stop, wait, come back but a moment

And tell me where you went

Ask my leave

Before you leave again


I am running out of beaches

Running out of the sands of time

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