We broke up. What’s wrong with me?

Probably not much. Or – a lot. It’s a two-way street, innit? Were you an awful nag? Were you terribly domineering? Is there a particular habit of yours that drove him up the wall that he’d mentioned to you umpteen times before and yet you did nothing to improve on? (Notice I did not use the word ‘change.’)

Is he a wanker? Was he mindfukking you? Did his ego get off on the fact that you were willing to turn yourself into an emotional mashed potato to please him?

Or is it that you didn’t have much in common and therefore ran out of things to say or do? Maybe he wasn’t really that into you; he thought he was but, as time went on, maybe he realised quicker than you did that you weren’t right together after all.

Only you can answer the above – and please be honest with yourself. There is no point in beating yourself up with the doubts. Be brutally honest with yourself so that you can learn from your mistakes. And do better, much better, in your next relationship.

Yes. For sure there will be a next time. Believe it. Hang on to this fact. There is a lot of love out there. And one day, you will find your right “Mr Wrong” the one who may be wrong in lots of ways but is just the right fit for you.

But bear in mind one important thing. All relationships are lessons in our lives that bring some teaching with it. Do not ever speak ill of the person or disrespect the relationship once it is over. Remember: You once loved this person a whole awful lot. Do not disrespect that love.

You are strong. Find your inner strength. Strength does not lie in knocking other people down, even the ones who’ve harmed us. Pick up your feet and move on. Life seldom offers second chances. If you’ve got yours – seize it with both hands!

Carpe Diem!

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