The Pu Book of Revelations

I like to describe myself as an introvert, till I learnt how to talk! This is true; I was introvertish and painfully shy. Until I realised very quickly that I wasn’t going to get very far in my chosen career of a journalist if both my interviewee and I were to sit mum! And so gradually, I learnt how to be the one to break the ice and ask the questions.

And now there’s no stopping me! Jokes apart, what I have realised is that, notwithstanding this super techno age, all people really want is someone to talk to, someone to listen. After my book ‘Fallen Angels’ was published, I found so many men and women come up to me and say they were so glad someone spoke out, someone understood.

Ever since, I have gone around the world sharing my experiences. You never know whom it may help, in ways that you can’t even fathom. ‘Revelations’ is a compilation of wisdom from my own and others’ stories.

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