Ode to an Unwanted Child

First published in my book ‘Fallen Angels’ July 1996

The pain

red hot, rapier sharp

It reaches up

slicing thru’ my belly

plundering my womb

twisting, curving


O the pain, the pain

someone please stop the pain

but it drives on relentless

Nobody hears

there is no mercy

there is no saviour

till it exacts the full price

and the deed is done


O the anguish, the torment

none can imagine it

it is only felt

the mind is still fighting

but the body is like a puppet

to someone else’s will


I am crying

I am helpless

is no one there?


At last, the pain ceased to be

Silence, unsympathetic

descended on me

but the pain in my heart…

it refused to go away.

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