I lost my centre

The day I met you


I was in the room amid a crowd

You were standing outside


Our eyes met briefly

And held

Across a sea of time, a tide of centuries

Of all the parties and all the places and all the people

You had to choose this moment

To walk into my heart

I lost my centre


I tore my gaze away

Impolite – staring at a stranger

Unbidden, my eyes returned to seek you

You were still looking at me steadily, quizzically

Have we met?

Do we know each other?

Yes, my love. Lives ago


I looked away resolutely

Fighting what was to come

This moment that we had both been moving towards inexorably

Without turning

I knew when you came to stand behind me

The heat of your stare on my bare back

Scorching. Intense. Unflinching.

I lost my centre


I went back to my room

Curiously light

Inside of me, the change had begun already

I knew you would find me

Next morning, I came down to breakfast

There you were

My heart began its inexplicable song again


We did a dance of words

And all the while there was this thrumming

Betwixt us

Tangible…reach out, feel the electricity

We could not bear to be apart

You sat beside me, silent, contained

Softly singing to me

Your strong, hard thigh against me

Oh the feel, the touch, the sigh, the smile

I lost my centre


We sat on the beach

The sea with its rippling music

The sun began its descent

All purples and reds – the colours of our yesterday

I must go, I whispered

Stay, you implored. I have only just found you

You kissed my eyes, the merest whisper

Like a benediction


I lost my centre

And you became the epicentre

No end and no beginning

You and me that formed a separate being – Us

I came alive, I flowered, I bloomed

Under your touch

There was you in the morning

And you in the night

And you in all the hours in between that God made


Your name sang through my veins

The sound of your voice

Huge, silly smile on my face all day

Incandescent, tortured, aflame in your love

Fiery, fervent, fevered

Your touch

Every fibre of me was a-quiver, a-shiver


Magic must be allowed to remain whole

Why should you question, analyse

Do you not believe in shooting stars

Do you not trust the resonance between our souls

Explain, if you must, the taste of water

Reason, if you will, why you come alive when you

See me, touch me, hold me, feel me

Find the words to the song that your heart sings

And only my heart can hear


I lost my centre, I tell you

The day that I met you

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