Obituary: Sridevi

A Star Dims. Sridevi: 13th August 1963-25th February 2018 This is, without a doubt, one of the saddest obituaries I have written; the heart is heavy as I put pen to paper. Bollywood’s first female superstar. The highest paid female actor of her time. A volcano of talent. Spontaneous actress….

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Obituary: Vinod Khanna

Obituary: Vinod Khanna. 6th October 1946 – 27th April 2017 Bollywood has bidden adieu to one of its most charismatic – and maverick – actors. Vinod Khanna passed away on the morning of the 27th April. He was said to have been suffering from bladder cancer, although this has not…

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National Awards: Hera Pheri pe Hungama!

Idly scrolling through the Times of India online edition, as I do frequently through the day, my eye was caught by the following caption: National Awards: Akshay Kumar wins Best Actor for…I was so convinced I’d died and gone to a particular hell reserved for film critics that I didn’t…

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And the Oscar goes to…

And so the Oscar frenzy slowly fades away for another year, although the 2017 awards will perhaps best be remembered for the near scandal unwittingly caused by Warren Beatty when he announced the wrong winner for ‘Best Movie.’ The Oscar’s are undoubtedly the most prestigious global film awards, a notion…

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Obituary: Om Puri

Obituary: OM PURI. 18th October 1950 – 6th January 2017 The world will remember him as one of the most naturally gifted actors ever. Many will remember him for his warm earthiness and rustic Punjabi humour. A few will remember him for his down-to-earth attitude and the genuine camaraderie he…

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MAMI Stages A Triumphant 2016 Entry

The much-awaited Mumbai Academy of Moving Images (MAMI) festival is back and in a more glamorous avatar too, with the new trophy being unveiled by none other than the beauteous Kangna Ranaut. Films will be screened from the 20-27 October and the venues will be the PVR cinemas at Andheri,…

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The Fault In Our Stars

It seems I’m picking up right where I left off; I thought the Aamir Khan outrageously intolerant statement would have been debated to death by now but no, apparently we’re still picking the carcass clean! And so, much like the movie Don, here is the sequel to my previous article…

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Aamir Khan and the Incredibly Intolerant Indian

Shoot the messenger (for f***s sake, that’s a figurative statement; don’t get your knickers in a twist!) by all means, but the message still remains. One refers of course, to the latest controversy rocking India, which doesn’t seem to have much on its plate at the moment (poverty? Fiddlesticks. Female…

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Pretty Woman

Love in the Closet

Well, the year ending has hardly been gay in certain quarters of the world, ehh. First, India goes back into the closet (if there can be such a thing!) and retrieves some archaic mumbo jumbo that says same gender physical relations is a criminal offense. Not to be outdone, Australia…

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